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Financial Supply Chain Integration

Supply chain leaders integrate financials into the decision-making process

Achieving corporate objectives

A crucial role of top management is to deliver the committed revenue and profit goals over the short- and long-term horizon. To align operational and tactical plans with corporate objectives, finance must be integrated into the S&OP/Integrated Business Planning process, linking financial metrics to operational decisions.

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How we help clients

Financial impact of supply chain measures

  • Evaluate decision alternatives with respect to profitability and market share
  • Link financial targets to operational metrics
  • Ensure optimal usage of available resources

Integration of Finance into S&OP

  • Build an integrated enterprise planning process
  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage through end-to-end planning capabilities
  • Bridge the disconnect between Operations and Finance

Enterprise planning efficiency

  • Design a process for enterprise-wide Collaborative Scenario Planning
  • Reconcile volume-based demand-supply plans with financial goals defined in the business or strategic plan

Risk and opportunity management

  • Design and implement scenario development processes with derived financial impact
  • Assess opportunities and mitigate risks as part of regular tactical planning

SCM KPI drivers

  • Develop KPI driver trees considering financial impacts as basis for supply chain decisions
  • Design an integrated supply chain performance cockpit

Cross-functional collaboration

  • Develop organization and culture to foster cross-functional collaboration
  • Design roles and responsibilities
  • Define and execute change management and communication approach
Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer, Value Chain Design and Configuration, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Integrating Supply Chain and Finance, two core functions in every enterprise, drives business awareness, understanding and decision-making governance so that operational measures are consistent with financial objectives.

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CAMELOT combines superior capabilities in supply chain design with dedicated know-how in finance & performance management. We leverage a strong track record of helping clients improve performance and increase profits by linking financial metrics to operational decisions.

Track-record in supply chain design

SCM is one of CAMELOT’s core capabilities. Clients and analysts alike have acclaimed the excellent quality and innovative nature of our conceptual thinking as well as our ability to execute.

Dedicated capabilities in finance & performance management

CAMELOT takes an integrated approach to supporting you in making your finance and performance management ready for the future. Our consultants blend project-proven consulting expertise and operational management experience in finance & performance management.

Adaptive supply chain operating models

We leverage digital technologies and analytics to make strategic design adaptive and Demand-Driven. Ready-to-use solution that allow strategic design to be data-driven, fast, and holistic.


Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer

Head of Value Chain Design & Configuration

Thought leader and architect for innovative operating models, helping clients to outperform competition through value chain excellence

Markus Geutler

Partner, SCM & Operations

Focuses on transforming the global supply chains of our US based customers.

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