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Value Chain Controlling

Our value chain controlling approach includes an integrated view of the company's processes to prevent silo mentality and isolated optimization.​

​Value chain controlling for continuous optimization of the entire process organization​

Companies can optimize their entire value chain with our process-oriented, cross-functional value chain controlling approach. Driver-based models create transparency and enable the simulation of different fields of action. In this way, silo mentality and the isolated analysis of individual processes or areas can be avoided – in favor of optimizing overall profitability.​

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How we help clients

​Value chain controlling​

  • Development of driver-based models​
  • Increasing transparency and reducing complexity along the value chain​
  • Identification and optimization of value flows​

CAMELOT control tower​

  • ​Customized dashboarding concepts​
  • Recognition of the relevant information​
  • Definition and implementation of KPIs​
  • Action- and decision-oriented reporting​

Business foresight analyzer​

  • Integrated view of P&L, balance sheet and liquidity​
  • Optimization of working capital​
  • Simulation of different scenarios​

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Transforming controlling to keep your company on the right course


CAMELOT has been a leading consulting specialist for value chain management for over 20 years. With our proven value chain controlling approach, we optimize the overall profitability of your company – in contrast to isolated optimizations, such as those provided by traditional cost-centered approaches.​

Value chain controlling approach​

We work with you to optimize the overall profitability of your company by focusing on improving process flows, optimizing capacity utilization, and considering the monetary impact.

Focus on information relevance​

CAMELOT supports you by identifying and providing the relevant information, defining the right control parameters, and driver-based optimization of your procedures.​

Focus on the entire value chain​

We examine the entire value creation process respectively the operational structure as a single entity, including upstream and downstream processes. ​


Libor Kotlik

Managing Partner

Trusted adivsor to the top management; helps clients transform their value chains for a competitive advantage

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