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Master Data Management

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Unlocking the real power of your data by reducing the number of unused data sets and automating manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks

Combining AI with RPA techniques

Data builds the backbone of practically every business. Its effective usage is crucial for the success of a company. Today, a huge amount of time is used for non-value adding activities and the manual handling of data. Successfully automating these tasks leads to an elimination of manual errors and enables your employees to work on more strategic and challenging tasks. This will result in a higher efficiency and employee satisfaction as well as faster cycle times and reduced costs for your company.

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How we help clients

IPA envisioning

  • Educate on automation prerequisites
  • Support in setting the automation scope and defining a roadmap
  • Determine realization plan and develop business case

IPA design

  • Process analysis to identify and evaluate automation potential
  • Identify prerequisites to apply IPA methods (e.g. data sources, tools, capabilities)
  • Design proof of concept

IPA implementation

  • Select software provider and execute proof of concept
  • Support enterprise rollout incl. organizational setup of operating model and center of excellence
  • Support organizational change incl. training

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CAMELOT combines deep data science experience and technological know-how with proven industry expertise from dedicated domains (e.g. master data management, procurement, finance, supply chain management) to provide strong and robust solutions for clients.

Domain expertise

Proven industry expertise in dedicated domains, e.g. master data management, procurement, finance, and supply chain management

Automation capabilities

Ability to combine different technologies and solutions for clients (e.g. machine learning, process mining, and classical optimization/automation concepts)

Data science specialists

Providing a strong pool of highly skilled data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and data architects


Henrik Baumeier

Partner Data & Analytics

Leads the data & analytics division at CAMELOT, helping global clients in their digital transformation

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