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Change Management

Helping clients design and implement people-focused value chain transformations.

We turn management of change into change experience​

Large-scale transformation programs have an impact on different areas of an enterprise like processes, systems, and organizational structures, and need to be supported by a change in behavior and culture. CAMELOT’s change management approach is designed to actively involve people in the design of their change journey. Our communication and capability development framework is made to turn every transformation into individual, positive change experiences.​

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How we help clients

Transformation strategy​

  • Analyzing the current situation and developing a common vision of the target state​
  • Identifying the detailed change impacts on the different areas of your organization​
  • Defining an effective change strategy and transformation journey with clear objectives and milestones​

Targeted stakeholder engagement​

  • Partnering with project sponsors and project leads; supporting them to drive the change, openly engage with stakeholders, and spotlight their successes​
  • Identifying and assessing different stakeholder groups​
  • Providing role-specific and relevant stakeholder engagement​

Innovative employee development​

  • Preparing your organization to successfully face the new ways of working​
  • Developing a unique learning journey for your employees taking into consideration the different moments of learning need​
  • Consolidating a training mix with a variety of proven training technologies and applying methods for lean learning​

Change experience ​

  • Supporting you to avoid pitfalls in your transformation thanks to experience-based patterns​
  • Analyzing success of all engagement activities with a data-driven support and closed loop communication tools​
  • Utilizing data insights to create a high-impact change experiences​
  • Monitoring success every step of the way ​

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CAMELOT combines your business knowledge with our expertise and experience to create a unique and successful value chain transformation. ​

Facts instead of instinct​

​Ready-to-use digital transformation analytics solution PulseShift that helps you measure the effectiveness of your change program.

Ready-to-use toolkit​

Unique collection of ready-to-use methods and tools to augment the positive impact of a holistic change management approach.

Industry & functional expertise

Change and learning experts with a proven track record and extensive industry and functional experience. ​


Ludmilla Kemling

Head of Competence Center Change Management

Accomplished change management practitioner supporting clients in large-scale business transformations.

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