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CAMELOT rated market leading sourcing strategy consultancy

Analyst ALM confirms outstanding value added for clients

Mannheim, 08/01/2020 – ALM, an analyst specializing in the consultancy sector, once again sees CAMELOT Management Consultants as a global pioneer (“Vanguard Leader”) in sourcing strategy consulting. For the fourth time in a row, ALM recognized the outstanding consulting results that CAMELOT achieves for its clients. CAMELOT received top marks primarily for its ability to enable clients to effectively implement sourcing strategies through appropriate organizational structures, performance management and effective change management.

“CAMELOT combines in-depth industry and market knowledge with targeted analytics and best practice process insights to develop fact-based sourcing strategies for clients, while introducing new technologies that enable procurement to become more connected, relevant and strategic to the business,” says the responsible ALM analyst, Naima Hoque, describing the added value generated for clients by CAMELOT’s consulting services.

According to the current ALM study “Sourcing Strategy Consulting 2019”, procurement is increasingly developing from a vertical to a horizontal function due to its ability to look across the enterprise for opportunities to reduce costs and deliver value. “CAMELOT integrates the sourcing strategy into the entire value chain and thus offers its clients strong potential for cost optimization and value generation,” says Naima Hoque. “CAMELOT’s approach of integrating the entire client enterprise in strategic sourcing initiatives supports the elevation of the Chief Procurement Officer in top management while improving spend transparency, which in turn promotes faster and better informed decision-making.”

The ALM study also emphasizes the increasing importance of effective transformation and change management in procurement: In order to implement new strategies in procurement, all relevant parties in the company, especially the management, must be convinced and brought on board. “Transformation management in procurement must not be left to gut instincts. With our new transformation analytics offering, PulseShiftTM, we help our clients to successfully implement new sourcing and procurement strategies through data-based change management,” explains Wolf Göhler, Head of Procurement Transformation at CAMELOT. “This is just one example of how we develop our consulting services in a future-oriented manner in line with client needs.”

The “ALM Vanguard Leader” status is awarded by the analysts ALM Intelligence to companies which have market-leading expertise and proven implementation skills in certain fields of consulting. Companies that perform the best in this regard receive the highest appraisal of “Vanguard Leader.” The Vanguard Leaders of 2019 include – alongside CAMELOT – McKinsey, EY, Boston Consulting Group and PwC.

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