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CAMELOT Declared a Pacesetter in Supply Chain Management

Analyst firm ALM confirms market-leading consulting capabilities

Mannheim, Philadelphia 25/08/2021 – In its recent Pacesetter market research, US-based analyst firm ALM Intelligence identified CAMELOT Management Consultants as a global market leader and “Pacesetter” in supply chain management consulting. ALM confirmed CAMELOT’s outstanding impact for clients in a rapidly shifting market environment. Among the 19 market leaders that ALM Intelligence assessed in this research, CAMELOT was the only one to gain the Pacesetter status.

“What makes CAMELOT stand out as a Pacesetter in supply chain management consulting are its end-to-end value chain approach that fosters cross-functional collaboration, industry expertise at micro level, thought leadership as well as the deployment of technology and analytics to drive change management”, said Tomek Jankowski, Lead Analyst at ALM Intelligence.

End-to-end value chain approach

According to the “ALM Intelligence Pacecetter Market Research Supply Chain 2021-2022”, one of the key areas of impact for CAMELOT is in service delivery. The report states that “CAMELOT’s early adoption of the end-to-end value chain concept led to the design of offerings that encourage a cross-functional approach internally as well as collaboration across the entire value chain ecosystem, seeking to achieve client goals in simplification, automation, synchronization and innovation at both the micro and macro levels.”

Industry expertise at micro level

In today’s complex supply chain environment, clients need micro-level experience and expertise on specific topics, often anchored in specific jurisdictions or involving certain client operations. “The industry expertise of a Pacesetter like CAMELOT goes down the intensely narrow rabbit holes that bedevil client supply chains”, comments Tomek Jankowski. CAMELOT’s offering is focused on four key industries: chemicals, life sciences, consumer goods as well as industrial manufacturing.

Effective client enablement

Most companies are currently forced to undergo a significant shift in their thinking and approach to their supply chain. The ALM Pacesetter Research highlights that with its cloud-based transformation analytics tool PulseShiftTM, “CAMELOT effectively utilizes data-driven insights to make the case for change and manage the day-by-day implementation across stakeholders, the client organization and the broader value chain network through effective monitoring and engagement, measuring and tweaking progress along the way.”

ALM Pacesetter Research (APR) is a market research initiative of ALM Intelligence with an inclusive perspective of the professional services landscape. Rather than narrowly focusing on one segment of the market, APR covers a broader range that includes law, consulting, insurance, financial advisory, and other actors operating in the market defined by the research topic. For ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research: Supply Chain 2021-2022, the analyst firm analyzed and profiled 19 market leaders across four market segments, including – alongside CAMELOT – firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting, EY, PWC, Deloitte, and Accenture.

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