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CAMELOT and LLamasoft Strengthen Partnership

Integrated Supply Chain Design to Increase Agility in Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprises

Mannheim & München, 02/06/2019 CAMELOT Management Consultants and LLamasoft today announced an agreement to extend and deepen their partnership. The paradigm shift in supply chain management towards the concept of the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise calls for an integrated approach for supply chain design. The strengthened partnership will enable enterprises to better cope with the increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of their business.  

LLamasoft is a global leader in supply chain modeling and design software, enabling visualization and optimization of the end to end supply chain. CAMELOT, the leading consulting specialist for value chain management, leverages the powerful technology for complex optimization runs to test viable and favorable strategies. The outcome allows for informed, rapid and reliable decision making to improve service, reduce cost and mitigate risks.

“The concept of the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise requires an advanced Strategic Supply Chain Design to meet uncertainties in an agile way,” explained Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner at CAMELOT. “We have run successful customer projects together with LLamasoft in this field for more than 10 years, but one-off projects aren’t what our clients really need anymore. We are happy to have a partner in LLamasoft to enable Supply Chain Optimization for Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprises on a continuous basis.”

Michael Wallraven, LLamasoft´s Managing Director and Regional Vice President Germany, Austria & Switzerland, said: “The global business climate is experiencing extraordinary disruption and growth. The ability to model and evaluate the impact of changes and use this intelligence to inform faster, smarter decision making has never been more critical.

“We are pleased to partner with CAMELOT to help enterprises leverage our powerful technology platform to optimize their supply chains and implement repeatable processes to configure networks and flows profitably in a changing world.”

State-of-the-art concepts for agile and flexible supply chains require strategic sizing and positioning of capabilities and buffers to master increased volatility – embedded into the supply chain processes such as the monthly S&OP cycle. Companies need to be ahead of changes and potential disruptions of the supply chain, moving away from a reactive to a proactive mode. Changes of customer expectations, business models and trade regulations challenge businesses in ever shorter intervals.

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