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Analyst Firm ALM Confirms CAMELOT’s Leading Position in the Field of Sourcing Strategy Consulting

Mannheim, 11/20/2018 In a recent study, the consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants was again named by the renowned analyst firm ALM Intelligence as a global leader (“Vanguard Leader”) in sourcing strategy consulting. ALM thus confirmed CAMELOT’s outstanding global expert knowledge in the field of “sourcing strategy consulting” for the third time running. In August of this year, CAMELOT also received the top status “Vanguard Leader” for its expertise in the “procurement operations” consultancy field. ALM Intelligence is the world’s leading analyst company for the consulting sector.

“ALM’s independent analyses confirm our longstanding expertise in the transformation of value chains, especially in the chemical, life sciences, consumer goods and discrete manufacturing sectors. With regard to procurement, we currently see growing demand in particular related to strategic issues arising from the digitization and transformation of procurement. Topics like organization and change management are thus coming back into focus,” CAMELOT Managing Partner Dr. Josef Packowski states with regard to ALM’s results.

Ferhat Eryurt, Head of Procurement Consulting and partner at CAMELOT, adds: “Procurement is not only about cost efficiency or process automation. Companies also have to learn to think bigger and more long term when it comes to procurement.” According to Eryurt, this includes the question of how new digital possibilities can enhance procurement strategies and how the procurement organization can be made more agile. The timely anticipation and averting of risks will also be important in the future. One example is the question of how the consequences of climate change will affect procurement in key industries and how to react to this. The current low water levels in the Rhine have had a massive effect on industrial supply chains, and this could become the normal state of affairs. Companies have to develop strategies for such eventualities today.

The “ALM Vanguard Leader” status is awarded by the analysts ALM Intelligence to companies which have market-leading expertise and proven implementation skills in certain fields of consulting. The analyses are based, among other things, on intensive interviews with consulting managers, consulting clients, financial analysts and client industry experts, as well as detailed background research.

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