Mastering the challenges of IDMP

IDMP is as much about organizational changes (e.g. new responsibilities and data governance required) as it is about IT and data requirements. CAMELOT has recognized IDMP as an organizational challenge. We help our clients to tackle the change management and governance aspects of IDMP.
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From the cloud to 3D printing

Even if digitalization is one of the big keywords of today’s economy, the topic is anything but new. Information technology has played a crucial role for a long time, especially in logistics with its complex processes, time-critical deliveries and globally active partner networks.

How is digitalization changing chemical and pharmaceutical logistics?

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The Path to an Agile Supply Chain

Supply chain digitalization is decisive for increasing the agility and efficiency of complex supply chains and generating a competitive advantage. Increased transparency and integration are the basis for next-generation planning and management concepts.


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Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

The CAMELOT approach for Integrated Business Planning (IBP) aligns operational plans with strategic and financial planning. It incorporates best-practice processes, methodologies, and IT system support.

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Paradigm shift in Supply Chain Management

Increasing volatility and uncertainty on the demand side and complexity in global value chains – this is the new norm for businesses. Demand Driven LEAN Supply Chain Management is an innovative planning concept that CAMELOT has developed together with leading research institutes and industrial businesses in response to these challenges.


Blockchain SCM

Blockchain is not just the technology behind the digital payment system “bitcoin”. It might be the new game changer for supply chain management. For supply chain management, blockchain has tremendous potential: A product’s origin and touchpoints could be tracked gaplessly across the entire supply chain.

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MDM in the context of Digital Transformation

Master data management (MDM) gains new relevance in the context of digital transformation. Customer expectations towards digitalized and mobile business transactions, digitalized products and services as well as an increasing global integration of supply chain partners require new data and information models. Read in this article published in ERP Management, which relevance do master data have within the context of digital transformation, which current trends observed in master data management are a consequence of digitalization, and which role organization and IT play.

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