Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain is the revolutionary concept and technology to assure security, trust and transparency for information, which is exchanged across the healthcare ecosystem. Find out how to revolutionize healthcare information management with Blockchain technology and discover selected use cases.
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Global Data Synchronization

Leading companies consider global data synchronization and collaboration a business priority. Find out how GS1/GDSN impacts your organization and its role in the entire supply chain.

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Pharmaceutical Logistics: The African Journey

Africa is one of the most promising pharmerging markets. For a recent project, pharma supply-chain experts from CAMELOT Management Consultants visited more than a dozen countries in Africa to gain a detailed picture of current pharma distribution capabilities for 2-degree to 8-degree Celsius distribution. Their conclusion: Now is the time for pharma companies to reshape their African footprint and thus prepare themselves to secure future growth opportunities.
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