Global Data Synchronization

Leading companies consider global data synchronization and collaboration a business priority. Find out how GS1/GDSN impacts your organization and its role in the entire supply chain.

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Chemicals: How to profit from digital transformation

The use and adoption of digital technologies has increased significantly in the last 12 months. Yet, there are still a lot of chemical companies that do not have a clear strategy on how to leverage the significant business benefits provided by the rapidly arising new technologies.

Learn in this thought paper how to get on the road to digitalization!

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Chemical industry trend survey

Supply chains in the chemical industry in Germany are becoming increasingly international and connected. Which political and economic trends are impacting them? This topic was the focal point of the current CHEMonitor trend survey.

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From the cloud to 3D printing

Even if digitalization is one of the big keywords of today’s economy, the topic is anything but new. Information technology has played a crucial role for a long time, especially in logistics with its complex processes, time-critical deliveries and globally active partner networks.

How is digitalization changing chemical and pharmaceutical logistics?

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