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SCLG 2015: 8th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit

Camelot to attend the 8th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Dubai.

Theme of the 8th annual Global Supply Chain and Logistics summit on the 14th October 2015 is “Technology and automation adoption for Innovation and Growth across value chain”. This summit is presented with numerous facets of technology and automation that should be noted, comprehended and included for adoption and implementation in short term and long term agenda for growth of supply chain.

Global Supply chain landscape is ever changing and more so in recent years as a result of constantly upgraded infrastructure of technology and automation. Automation of supply chain from sourcing to manufacturing to warehousing and distribution that includes integration of devices, mechanical and electronic hardware’s, software’s and middleware’s is being significantly adopted. The technology and automation is not only being included for waste elimination or to improve current level of supply chain but also being leveraged in larger sense of innovation.

Marcus Meissner, Managing partner at Camelot Management Consultants Middle East is presenting the Insights of current Mega Logistics and Rail GCC developments and Mark Appleyard, Head of Logistics at Camelot Management Consultants Middle East is presenting Implications of Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS).

The Global Supply Chain and Logistics summit serves as a platform for professionals to discuss key developments of technology and automation in supply chain and provides a meeting place for over 200 delegates, speakers, panelists from 20 plus countries.

Further speakers at this event are:


  • Ashish Pujari, Senior Vice President, Aurionpro Solutions
  • Christoph Wartmann, Chairman & CEO, Nexiot AG
  • Dr. K. Donald Tham, Co-founder & Board Director, Nulogy Corporation
  • Dario Menichetti, Transport Planning & Studies Manager, Etihad Rail
  • Keith Thaulow, EMEA Vice President, Demand Solutions
  • Raymond Schraff, Industry Director Global Trade & Transportation, Hyland Software
  • Dr Zahid Rizvi, Regional Business Dev. Manager,  Johnson Controls ME


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