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One Belt, One Road and Opening up new Markets

Discussions at the Container Supply Chain Conference in Dubai

The TOC Event hosting the “Container Supply Chain Conference” focused this year discussions on growth, new markets and innovative technology. The Middle East region is one of few places that has been earmarked for the highest growth potential. For that reason, the conference mainly emphasized topics about if the region can lead the way for market recovery and new business, economic and container potentials with a future outlook.

Being part of the conference Marcus Meissner, on behalf of Camelot Management Consultants actively participated in the session focused on the new One Belt and One Road (OBOR) initiative by holding a speech and contributing in the panel discussion afterwards.

The OBOR initiative focuses on the creation of an economic land belt that includes countries on the original Silk Road through central Asia, West Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The trade and investment opportunities in the New Silk Road are immense, connecting three continents, 65 countries and an expected economic output of $ 21 trillion.

With the connection of such a vast amount of countries, supply chains and economies it is hard to comprehend the transformations that this potential network could bring to world trade.

Sharing insights about potential opportunities and challenges and discussing further impacts of the initiative on the GCC lead to a fruitful discussion and interesting encounters during the conference.

Camelot specialized in the analysis, the potential and risks of the OBOR initiative and how to prepare ideally for it in the GCC countries. For questions and discussions about it please contact the Dubai office directly:

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