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Mark Appleyard appointed to leading technical program development role for GPCA Workshop in Dubai

Camelot Middle East is proud to announce that Mark Appleyard has been appointed by the GPCA to lead the technical program development and source speakers for the upcoming Carriage and Security of Dangerous Goods Workshop which is taking place on the 2nd-3rd September 2015 in Dubai. Besides the development of the technical program and the attraction of well-known industry speakers, Mark will also present on the topic “Effective Dangerous Goods security regulations”. As manufacturing goes downstream resulting in increased dangerous goods movements across the GCC, the lack of a consistent regulatory framework is seen has one of the major challenges faces the manufacturing and logistics sector. This workshop is a major step towards aligning the stakeholders to developing such a regulatory framework, with the ADR Regulations being promoted by Mark as the most suitable solution for the region.

The rapidly expanding GCC economy fueled by consumer demand for goods, a booming downstream petrochemical and chemical sector, a developing alternative energy sector (including nuclear industry) and growing armed forces are all contributing to an increase in the volume and diversification of dangerous goods being transported on roads throughout the Arabian Gulf region. This growth has not been matched by the development of common standards and regulations to ensure that goods are transported safely and securely. The GPCA has led from the front on behalf of the GCC petrochemical and chemical industry with the introduction of the Responsible Care Program and the introduction of the Sustainability Quality Assessment System (SQAS). However, as a significant contributor to the volume of dangerous goods movements on the road, the petrochemical and chemical industry in the region recognizes the need for a regulatory framework to drive and enforce safety standards.

Find a picture from the Carriage and Security of Dangerous Goods Workshop here: Camelot’s Head of Logistics Mark Appleyard meeting the GPCA Secretary General Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun during the Dangerous Goods & Security Workshop in Dubai, September 2-3, 2015.

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