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M&A Panel talks outlook for GCC at Leaders in Logistics

The global transport, logistics and supply chain industry has witnessed some significant mergers and acquisitions in the past few years, with M&A activity set to soar past the US $73 billion mark in 2016. With the objective of diversifying portfolios, incorporating new service offerings, and
increasing the size and scale of companies to take advantage of economies of scale, it’s easy to understand why the Middle East’s logistics industry has shown such great potential for mergers and acquisition.

The Leader in Logistics Conference has attracted once again many key industry leaders to discuss current trends and developments in the GCC logistics industry. The conference was hosted by the Arabian Supply Chain Magazine taking place in Grosvenor House Hotel on November 8th 2016 in Dubai, UAE. We are proud to announce that Camelot was asked to be present at two major panel discussions about “Mergers & Acquisitions – A Trend on the Rise” and “The Middle East Pharmaceutical Market – Opportunities & Challenges”.

Our Managing Partner Marcus Meissner was asked to be part of the “Mergers & Acquisitions – A Trend on the Rise” panel to give his perspective and outlook for M&A activities across the Middle East. Due to the increasing importance of M&A in economic unstable times, the key findings of the panel discussion have been published online, including a quote of Marcus Meissner: “The private families that run the first business are looking for ways to consolidate their own business and they go downstream, acquiring an incoming producing logistics company to bring their operation in-house and provide an additional resource stream because logistics in the GCC is a very stable industry.”


  • Michael Stockdale, Chief Executive Officer, B2C Logistics (Moderator)
  • Koshy Mathew, Chief Operating Officer, Enhance UAE
  • Walid Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, Span Group
  • Reinhard Wind, Regional Director, Founder and President, Logistics & Industry Network
  • Marcus Meissner, Managing Partner, Camelot Management Consultants Middle East DMCC
  • Darryl Judd, Chief Operating Officer, Logistics Executive Group

Please click here for more details on the M&A panel discussion featuring Marcus Meissner.

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