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Logistics is one of the key drivers of economic activity in the GCC

Historically economic activity in the Middle East has largely been driven by oil and chemicals exports, but over the last decade governments have pursued programs of downstream economic development to maximize the value from their natural resources. This has resulted in the need for more complex supply chains, logistics infrastructure and services.

Despite recent economic turmoil, which largely impacted on Europe and the USA, economic growth has continued in many areas of the Far East and Middle East. This has resulted in major changes to the established economic trade routes, with the Middle East now being ideally located as a strategic manufacturing and distribution hub, mid-way between major markets.

The above factors have driven governments along with the private sector in the Middle East to invest significantly in logistics infrastructure, including sea, air, land ports, road and rail facilities, including the development of networks of multimodal logistics terminals (MLT) to achieve intermodal and hinterland connectivity. Furthermore, logistics has emerged as one of the key drivers of economic activity in the GCC, whereby Logistics now constitutes a major industry sector, rather than being just a support activity to other industries.

With a long established customer base in the Middle East, Camelot is positioned at the center of developments working closely with governments, investors, manufacturers and logistics service providers to participate on future supply chain and logistics developments.

Camelot provides a broad international network and access to its unique Center of Excellence in Europe to offer the best solutions and services. Using proven established best practice, Camelot can support organizations to enter and take advantage of significant supply chains and logistics opportunities in the region including but not limited to:

  • Strategic distribution network design
  • Market entry strategy design and implementation
  • Supply chain assessment and improvement
  • Terminal / depot / warehouse locating, design and set-up
  • Logistics sourcing
  • Supply chain financing
  • Benchmarking
  • Health Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) assessment and improvement
  • Dangerous goods transport advice and training

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