11th GPCA Supply Chain Conference, Dubai, 15-17 APR 2019

New and disruptive technologies are rising! This has a large impact on industrial operations – but it is also changing how supply chains work. There is a new set of technological advancements, collectively referred to as ‘Supply Chain 4.0’.

The 11th edition of the GPCA Supply Chain Conference will have the main subject “Getting Ready for the Future: Supply Chain 4.0”. The three-day conference takes place from 15-17 April 2019 in Dubai, UAE. The impact of disruptive technologies on GCC chemical supply chains will be featured through a series of expert presentations, case studies from the region and the world, dedicated masterclasses and audience engagement platforms.

Don’t miss our presentation:

Value chain analytics – Margin optimization in the chemical industry enabled by AI

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Ralf Schulze Associate Partner, Industrial Manufacturing and Digital Transformation
CAMELOT Management Consultants

April 16th, 2019, 3.40-4 p.m. GST

More information about the event can be found here.