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Getting Controlling ready for tomorrow

Very intensely and with the greatest possible degree of accuracy, traditional Controlling usually concentrates on the retrospective and spends a lot of time with analysing the past. In the context of current framework conditions and developments, traditional Controlling is no longer suitable to satisfy Management as an internal customer and to support the preservation of a company’s competitiveness.

Paradigm shift in Controlling:

  • Speed versus accuracy
  • Orientation to the future takes priority over coming to terms with the past
  • Courage as opposed to security
  • Flexibility takes priority over stability
  • Acting instead of reacting

Is our Controlling ready for the new challenges?

Future-oriented Controlling must critically question whether internal processes and structures still satisfy the current challenges. A first step is to analyze the current situation as objectively as possible and to identify acute requirements for action.

This forms the foundation for the development and implementation of optimal solutions. For a structured procedure, we recommend an analysis of the relevant processes along the Controlling loop system, for example.

Apart from this traditional process and task-oriented procedure, the Controller does however also have to verify the existing self-image and deal with the new requirements.

The traditional image of the Controller is no longer in keeping with the times. In order to ensure Management’s continued respect as a sparring partner, Controlling must also continue to develop and face the new challenges.

Support from CAMELOT:

CAMELOT will accompany you on your way with Controlling Excellence Workshops on the basis of a holistic approach. Together with the local teams, we will identify current weaknesses during workshops and design a corporate-specific target mission.

The procedure during the workshops is based on a “Controlling Readiness Check”:

  • Analyzing the existing situation
  • Identifying and discussing strengths and weaknesses in the current, local Controlling approach along the Controlling loop system
  • Analyzing specific influencing factors
  • Identifying optimization potential with consideration to new challenges
  • Discussing past experience and including solution approaches from other companies
  • Jointly developing an individual best-practice target mission
  • Discussing and further developing the Controlling mindset
  • Defining the next steps

If required, this procedure can be amended by a qualified target/actual comparison regarding the existing IT systems to support Controlling activities. Within the scope of individual benchmarking, CAMELOT Management Consultants are also able to provide neutral recommendations for the planned adaptation and/or expansion.


Stefan Spieler
Head of Finance & Performance Management

Controlling loop

"Success is a matter of adjusting one's efforts to obstacles and one's abilities to a service needed by others."

Henry Ford (1863-1944)

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