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Camelot to attend NATRANS conference on Rail, Road & Maritime Infrastructure Technology

Head of Logistics Mark Appleyard is invited to participate in the LMC Forum featuring the largest platform of world class speakers, thought leaders and specialists drawn from the LMC (Last Mile Consortia) membership.

Camelot is attending the NATRANS conference which is going to be held from 25th – 27th October 2015 in Abu Dhabi. NATRANS Arabia is a highly focused technology event where the public and private sector come together to plan and implement the future of transport networks. The conference being visited by around 2.500 participants and the embedded seminar welcome key decision makers from every aspect of national and regional transport infrastructure planning, development, maintenance, preservation and future system upgrades for multi-billion dollar road, rail and maritime projects. Camelot’s team of industry experts is actively participating at the event, as NATRANS brings together thousands of the world’s leading transportation experts under one roof. The event will discuss and showcase proven, deployed schemes, pioneering research and development solutions that are intended to solve real world problems.

Mark Appleyard with his transportation expertise in multi modal facilities development is asked to represent Camelot and his project engagements during the forum “Minding the Gap in Rail Investment”. The topics covered by the panel discussions include: Security; Law, Compliance, Conformance, Standards and Regulations; Operations and Design & Develop. As part of the panel discussion, Mark will be presenting his engagements with MODON for example but not limited to:

  • Develop standards for warehouses and other logistics infrastructure
  • Attract LSP’s to MODON industrial cities
  • Lead the rail connectivity of MODON Industrial cities


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