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Camelot is speaking at the 6th Industrial Forum to be held in Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Following on from last year’s speech, Camelot’s Managing Partner Mr. Meissner will speak at the Yanbu Industrial City on the 22nd of May 2016. His talk will focus on the “Future Logistics Gateway of Saudi Arabia & MENA region – Update” by referring to the Royal Commission of Yanbu and Jubail (RCYJ) – Cities Highlights, the outcome of the Multi-Modal logistics Hub (MMLH) study in 2014 and the current status and next steps. RCYJ, a client of Camelot Management Consultants, is an autonomous organization of the Saudi Arabian government and is responsible for overseeing the development of industrial cities in Saudi Arabia.

The Yanbu Industrial City in Saudi Arabia is a key element of the nation’s economic growth initiatives. The 6th Industrial Forum brings together industrialists and officials from the RCYJ involved in crucial and strategic roles in its development. The idea behind this gathering is to provide a platform to the key stakeholders involved in the industrial development process to engage in effective dialogue, thus fostering sustainable development partnerships.

Issues discussed at last year’s forum involved project updates within the city’s Master plan which will bring about increased growth within the residential and commercial sector, as well as generate new avenues of employment in the region. Mr. Meissner discussed the importance of sourcing the right equipment for the industrial sector discussed, along with the opportunities that this brings about. A subject of high importance was discussions centering on the multi-modal logistics hub (MMLH) to be established in Yanbu Industrial City, transforming it into a local and regional logistics corridor.

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