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CAMELOT chosen as a judge for the Logistics Middle East Award

The Logistics Middle East Award (formerly known as Supply Chain & Transport Awards (SCATAs)) were first held in 2007 and since then have become an industry gold standard for the recognition of best practice, innovation and efficiency in the regional logistics industry.

This year, the Logistics Middle East Awards 2017 will have a much sharper focus on the companies and individuals working for logistics and transport companies in the Middle East with a host of new categories. Melanie Lenhardt, Senior Consultant at CAMELOT, has been chosen to be part of the judge to evaluate the submitted nominees besides industry thought leaders as:

  • Carrie Annabi (Assistant Professor at Heriot Watt University Dubai Campus)
  • Tom Nauwelaerts (CEO Momentum Logistics),
  • Iain Rawlinson (Group Commercial Officer at Gulftainer),
  • Raman Kumar (Managing Director at AL-Futtaim Logistics),
  • Mark Geilenkirchen (CEO at Port of Sohar & Freezone),
  • Gopal R (Vice President at Frost & Sullivan).

The Logistics Middle East Awards will be held on 19th April 2017 and will give the region’s logistics sector a platform to recognize the best industry achievements from the past twelve months in specific sectors of the economy from FMCG through to automotive logistics. It will follow the traditions of rewarding excellence set by the Supply Chain & Transport Awards which were first held in 2007, but will provide more opportunity for specialist logistics companies and consumer brands with a logistics operation, to compete against the well-known industry giants.

As such, the 14 new categories are as follows:

  • Express Logistics Company of the Year
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year
  • Technology Implementation of the Year
  • Supply Chain Hub of the Year
  • FMCG Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Manufacturing Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Retail Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Energy Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Project Logistics Manager of the Year
  • Automotive Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • E-commerce Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Luxury Supply Chain Manager of the Year
  • Bespoke Logistics Project of the Year

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