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20 years Camelot Consulting Group – Celebrate with us

At the beginning of the 1990s, multifaceted business process reengineering projects were always split in two. Traditional management consultants designed new concepts and organizational structures in form of charts and “brown papers” for the developed strategies. The following transformation and implementation projects were often faced with innovative but incomplete information systems. Excellent strategies often could not be implemented with existing system integration methods. “Compromise-finding projects” had to be carried out prior to implementation so as to balance visionary strategic concepts with limited software capabilities and to find practical business process solutions. The transfer process between strategic consultant and system integrators was largely unsuccessful.

Camelot’s founding members, previous employees of McKinsey, SAP and IDS Scheer, sat around the table at the Hotel Ritter in Heidelberg and came to the following conclusion: Our industrial customers need integrated management, process and IT consultancy. So they founded Camelot Group.

In the following years, Camelot expanded and amended the service portfolio continuously and grew geographically. The consultancy competencies were improved, especially in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Today, celebrating our 20th anniversary Camelot is the globally leading consulting specialist for Value Chain Management:

With 20 years of consulting experience in Value Chain Management for the pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries, Camelot provides sustainable solutions helping businesses to achieve competitive edge and increase their performance.

In numbers:

  • 1,600 committed consultants helping our customers to better reach their goals.
  • 2 million days of consulting experience making us the leading consultancy for Value Chain Management.
  • > 65% out of the Fortune 500 in our core industries are among our customers

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