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LEAN Supply Chain Planning

LEAN Supply Chain Planning - The New Supply Chain Management Planning Paradigm to Master Today’s VUCA World

Many global supply chains in the process industry are neither equipped nor orchestrated to cope effectively with the new VUCA world we are facing.

VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - is an acronym that originated in the military and was rapidly adapted to the business environment. It describes precisely the conditions of increasing variability and uncertainty of demand, and the complexity and ambiguity of product portfolios as well as supply chain networks in which companies operate today.

In response to these conditions, Camelot has worked jointly with leading research institutes and key global industry players to develop our new "LEAN Supply Chain Planning" concept.

The implementation of our concept has led to reduced variability (-31%) for the supply chain, increased service levels (+5%) and equipment utilization (+7%), as well as inventory reductions (-35%).

Camelot expertise for "LEAN Supply Chain Planning":

  • Strategic LEAN Supply Chain Planning configuration: Selection of appropriate replenishment and production modes for the transition to LEAN Supply Chain Planning.
  • Tactical parameterization: Parameterization of the selected planning modes. Design and configuration of Rhythm Wheels and target inventories along the supply chain using an end-to-end view.
  • Implementation of the planning processes: Day-to-day execution of the planning processes and continuous monitoring in a dynamic supply chain environment.
  • Organizational transformation: Establishment and transition of an effective organization.
  • Performance Management for LEAN Supply Chain Planning: Selection and implementation of specific key-performance metrics and management processes.
  • Adaption of the system landscape for LEAN Supply Chain Planning: Re-design of planning system to sustainably enable LEAN Supply Chain Planning.

With our expertise and experience Camelot is a reliable partner on your "LEAN Supply Chain Planning" journey to face the challenges of the VUCA world and to overcome the short-comings of traditional SCM approaches.

As a first step we provide our LEAN Supply Chain Planning portal – to get in touch with the concept in an interactive mode.

Furthermore, we offer simulation services to prove the feasibility and the benefits of “LEAN Supply Chain Planning” for your company.

Camelot ITLab, our IT technology partner, developed the Camelot LEAN Suite consolidating innovative tools in the SAP infrastructure. This allows them to sustainably support LEAN end-to-end planning for your supply chain, as well as guaranteeing ease of implementation with your IT infrastructure.


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