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Supplier Management

Professional management of supplier relations is key for a successful and secure supply chain

Your purchasing department forms the central link between you and your suppliers. Every business relationship you have with a supplier is multifaceted, harboring a host of opportunities, but also risks. Effective and well-balanced supplier management is one of the most important challenges in the modern-day business world.

Many companies already carry out an ongoing assessment of their most important suppliers; however, this is only the first step towards achieving long-term success in this area. Dealing with supplier-related risks, building successful relationships with contract suppliers and managing supplier relationships throughout the entire lifecycle and beyond form additional value levers for professional supplier management, which can make a significant contribution to the long-term safeguarding of your supply chain.

Camelot will help you evaluate your suppliers’ performance in a manner which is transparent and comparable across your company. By implementing targeted measures you can not only increase the quantifiable performance of your suppliers, you can also reduce the potential risk for your company. Defining holistic strategies for the continual optimization of your supplier base will help you take your supplier management to the next level.

At Camelot our main focus points in the area of supplier management are:

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Supplier lifecycle management is aimed at the holistic analysis of a supplier relationship. This starts with the selection and qualification of potential suppliers, continues with the evaluation and development of existing ones and ends with controlled phasing out of non-performing suppliers. Overall target is to realize the maximum value of the supplier relationship.

Camelot can assist you in defining and implementing sustainable and cross-functional supplier management processes and in realizing efficient collaboration processes with your suppliers.

We use our best practices adjusted to your sourcing and supply management strategies to help you create your specific supplier evaluation model. Furthermore, we will help you develop a system of key performance indicators to classify suppliers and create a supplier development program making use of our predefined action catalog.

Supplier Risk Management

Procurement has a significant impact on production output, sales and margins, and therefore the success of the entire enterprise, primarily because it ensures the security of supply. A structured, transparent and efficient process of managing supplier risk will guarantee your company a substantial competitive advantage.

The idea is to evaluate supplier induced risks and minimize their probability of occurrence and damage impact by employing appropriate countermeasures.

Camelot offers you an integrated supplier risk management approach which also takes into account market and material risks in addition to supplier-related risks. Using an impact-driven approach, you will be able to efficiently select suitable countermeasures in order to minimize your risk profile and safeguard against external influences.

Contract Manufacturing

There are various problems procurement departments face, particularly when placing and monitoring orders with contract manufacturers.

Camelot’s contract manufacturing approach is based on a detailed evaluation of your  current processes, esp. the organization and the sourcing, tendering and negotiation processes.

We develop specific concepts based on your business and procurement strategies to setup the best possible cooperation mode with your contract manufacturers.

The total cost of ownership (TCO+) approach is a specific adjustment of this concept for the pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on the contingent regulatory costs of the supplier relationship (changes in the dossier, approval of GxP processes, etc.) and takes these into consideration for contract manufacturing decisions.


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