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Go to Market

Growth through marketing concepts tailored to individual customers

Building on your marketing and sales strategy, we develop “go to market” concepts tailored to specific brands and distribution channels, for both marketing and distribution.

Based on an analysis of the central Key Performance Indicators, such as weighted and numeric distribution or market share, we identify operational approaches that make the best possible use of local, customer-specific potential. For this, we address the following questions:

  • Are we making any attempts to extend the brand so as to appeal to new target groups?
  • Can we tap into new sales channels without cannibalizing the existing ones; how does the “go to market” look in this respect?
  • How could collaborative approaches help to prevent waste, such as duplicated work, while at the same time increasing our market potential?
  • Could we make more use of the Internet than we have previously as a sales and communication channel? How could this kind of digital marketing concept be in-tegrated into our existing market cultivation approach?

Together with our customers, we develop the right answers to these questions creating an individual "go to market" approach, which is based on their business strategy.


Dr. Josef Packowski

Managing Partner

Phone: +49 621 86298-0

LEAN Supply Chain Planning