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Logistics Network Design

A robust network is the basis for all supply chain improvements

Historically grown structures, mergers, acquisitions, as well as evolving customer needs require periodic optimization of the distribution network. Costs for transport and warehousing need to be balanced whilst taking into account the availability of goods and agreed service levels. Often when starting out heterogeneous cost structures, undefined service levels and non-transparent flow of goods need to be understood and standardized.

Camelot supports you in creating transparency and designing and developing an intelligent distribution network. We provide you with support through our proven, structured approach, best practices and specialized software for network simulations:

  • Use our network simulation software to optimize the number of warehouse locations while taking into consideration transport costs
  • Selection of the optimal warehouse locations
  • Excellence and transparency of processes for all areas, including customs and foreign trade
  • Make-or-buy assessment
  • Partner selection using tenders
  • Implementation management
  • Quality management and business intelligence cockpit

Our logistics experts guarantee efficient and robust solutions and will support you with design and implementation.


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