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Purchasing Efficiency

Efficient purchasing processes are the foundation for a well running supply chain

The globalization of supply chains makes local process differences in procurement transparent and raises the pressure to significantly improve operational procurement processes efficiency.

Camelot will help you to increase purchasing efficiency. With the help of lean management methods, you can globally harmonize and optimize purchasing processes. The availability of mature eProcurement solutions makes optimal IT support for purchasing processes possible. A solid approach to managing procurement relevant master data is absolutely imperative for all global procurement process improvement initiatives.

In implementing purchasing efficiency, Camelot focuses on:

eProcurement Excellence

Mature eProcurement solutions (such as SAP SRM 7.0) are crucial for making operational procurement processes as efficient as possible, reducing manual tasks and enabling transparency as well as efficient supplier collaboration.

eProcurement, as a generic term, not only refers to classic catalog procurement via the Internet, but also to the efficient IT support of all further internal and external processes, ranging from purchase requisition to final payment.

Our experienced consultants will accompany you through all phases of your eProcurement project; starting from your requirements analysis and the evaluation of potential service providers through to successful implementation in your processes and systems. We will help you to significantly improve your company‚Äôs competitive position. 

Purchase-to-Pay-Process Harmonization

You can only realize savings potentials from centralized procurement operations if they are based on lean and globally uniform processes. Differing procurement processes that have been established over many years create a special challenge in the context of acquisitions.

Local process specialties have to be analyzed and evaluated to determine whether and how these should be integrated into the new global process landscape. Critical factors for success are how the change process is managed and how it is accepted by employees.

Our experienced procurement consultants will assist you with their project proven best practices in the design and the implementation of a process landscape, which can support the current and future challenges in the best possible way. We ensure successful implementation of new structures and processes in your enterprise thanks to our extensive change management experience.

Master Data Management

Master data forms the backbone of the procurement department. All significant decisions are based on them whether it is sourcing, supplier management or operational procurement. The efficiency of the procurement processes and the quality of services depend upon their master data quality.

Our extensive project experience has revealed that a fragmentary and inconsistent data base impairs process efficiency. It also leads to decisions being made based upon questionable information and a substantial amount of resources being used to correct master data errors.

Camelot has developed an approach that will quickly provide an overview of the actual quality of master data in your enterprise. Based upon predefined KPIs, you can assess which quantitative and qualitative potential a pro-active management of purchasing master data could bring and which investments are necessary to realize their potential.

Our approach not only takes technology into account. We consider processes, organization and people to the same extent, ensuring that the outcome of the analysis can actually be implemented.


Marcus Meissner

Marcus Meissner

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